WP FullPage

New Features

  • New Parallax effect. When Parallax mode is activated, FullPage and Sections has a background Parallax effect.
  • Now, in CSS3 mode, you can chose a transition effect by FullPage (vertical) and Section (horizontal) independently.
  • Many js and CSS3 transition effects available.

New Features

  • You can now disable FullPage vertical Scrolling for smaller screens modifying « Responsive » value.
  • UI improvments.
  • Pages can now be used as FullPages.
  • Backgrounds are now displayed once loaded with a fade in effect.
  • Fullpage are now available as front page.

How To Use

  • Create Fullpage Sections and Slides and integrates them into a Fullpage or a Page.
  • Replace Sections and Slides by a list of any type of post.
  • Setup your Fullpage with many options from fullPage.js.
  • Setup background colors, content position and many more.
  • Add a featured image to your section, slide or post, and it will appear as background of the section or the slide.


  • Customize FullPage templates and functionalities by copying the contents of « /wp-content/plugins/wp-fullpage/templates/ » into « /wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME/wp-fullpage/ ».
  • Many hook filters and actions are available too.

Contact me

Contact me if you want to know how to customise WP FullPage.